Pre Loved and Vintage

Last Sunday some of the LCCE team went to the Preloved Kilo a pay by weight Vintage and Pre-loved clothing event, there are other events available! In our previous post I discussed how with the start of the new year many people were giving up ‘New’ clothing. One way to do this is to purchase Vintage or Pre-loved items, and a great way to do this is at a buy weight event. Many of these companies go over to Europe to source their stock and bring it back to the UK, as Vintage stores here snap up all the bargains and stock for their shops.

I really feel challenging yourself by not purchasing the standard high street trends allows you to develop your own personal style, making you unique. After all the great Yves Saint Laurent said  “Fashions fade, style is eternal”. These events are a great way to do this, and if your a lover of all things 90’s this would be heaven for you!

Why not try blending a vintage item of clothing in with something you already own, like Becky did with her trusty leather jacket and a hand-dyed silk dress from the Pre-loved kilo?

Our Top Tips for Vintage Shopping:

  • Pick out items based on colours that you already wear or blend well into your existing wardrobe.
  • Check for damage! Seams and hems are a key area for this, which if you’re willing to mend then great! If not, then the likelihood is the item will languish in your wardrobe unloved until you take it to the charity shop.
  • Feel the material, often you can pick up excellent quality natural fibres at vintage sales. Silk Dresses, Linen shirts, Wool Tweed Jackets, Mohair Jumpers….
  • TRY YOUR ITEMS ON BEFORE YOU BUY! Body shapes have altered significantly over the years, sizing’s are no longer the same and often these items were handmade to fit a particular person.

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