We need a Fashion Revolution!!!

Continuing with our theme this month of loving what you have and not buying new. This week we’d like to highlight the work of Fashion Revolution. They encourage people to ask brands #whomademyclothes during their yearly Fashion Revolution Week 18-24th April, and to question where their clothes come from and who makes them.


“On 24 April 2013, the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh collapsed. 1,133 people died and another 2,500 were injured, making it the fourth largest industrial disaster in history. That’s when Fashion Revolution was born.”

They aim to reduce the anonymity of the garment workers that make our clothing. At the same time they highlight how damaging fast fashion really is for people and the environment. There are three ways to join the Fashion Revolution and find out who really made the clothes you wear!

  1. During fashion revolution week take a picture of your favorite item of clothing’s label and put it on social media. Tag the brand and ask the #whomademyclothes
  2. Write a love story about your favorite clothes!
  3. Create a #haulternative video, Youtube is full of haul videos with people showing off their latest fast fashion purchases. Why not show off what you already have?

Here at LCCE we are preparing for this years Fashion Revolution week, so watch this space for our clothing love stories and haul videos!


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