How does it all work?

We regularly get asked how the exchange works, so here is our step-by-step guide for first time attendees:

  1. Bring your items to the check in desk. Here our volunteers will check your items for quality. We only accept items in good condition to make sure the quality of the items in the exchange is consistent.  You will then be given a token for the number of items you have checked in, so for example if you bring 10 items, you’ll receive 10 credits. Please bring a MAXIMUM of 20 items per check in to allow us to process the items.
  2. You’ll then come to the next desk to check in your credits. If you are a new member, you’ll be issued with a membership number here. We store the credits on the system, so you can use your credits at a future exchange. Here you will pay your £3 entry fee and then you are ready to swap!
  3. Now you can ‘shop’ the exchange. Rummage through the rails, try items on and grab a drink at our pay-as-you-feel cafe.
  4. When you’ve selected your items and are ready to leave, you’ll come to the check out desk. Here our volunteers will count your items, and make a note of them and your membership number to be inputted into our database. You are now free to head home with your new items!
  5. Wear those new outfits! We love to see our items out in the wild, so please share them on social media and tag us.
What items do you accept?

We accept mens and ladies clothing, shoes and accessories in good clean condition – this should be something you would pay money for at a charity shop. Items which are damaged, have missing buttons, or are marked will not be accepted, so please check your items before you bring them to the exchange.

We do not accept swimwear, underwear or pajamas (unless brand new with tags), children’s clothing or jewellery.

Do I need to bring my items in advance?

You do not need to bring your items ahead of time, as we check your items in with you at the check in desk. We are unable to store individuals items before the exchange, so just bring them along with you on the day.

Where are you based?

We hold our events at Woodhouse Community Centre, 197 Woodhouse St, Leeds LS6 2NY. The venue is a few minutes walk from Hyde Park Corner. You can find the venue on Goole Maps. 

Is the venue accessible?

Woodhouse Community Centre is fully wheelchair accessible, with flat access to all areas of the exchange. There is a disabled toilet available. We have lots of seating available and a cafe area for anyone needing to take a break. There is limited parking (4 spaces) directly outside the venue, or there is lots of on-street parking nearby. If you would like to discuss your access requirements please contact us.

Do you accept plus size clothing?

We accept all adult clothing, regardless of size. However, we can’t guarantee that there will be a full range of sizes at each event as this depends on the items brought to the exchange each month.

What do you do with items that are rejected from the exchange?

Any items we can’t accept are donated to Cancer Support Yorkshire.

However storing these items is difficult for us until they are collected, so we appreciate your help in reducing the amount of rejected items. Please check your items before the event, and remove anything which we are unable to accept. You can also recycle clothing at recycling banks which use them for rags/insulation products – handily there are 2 right opposite Woodhouse Community Centre.

How can I get involved?

LCCE is entirely run by volunteers. Whether you’d like to volunteer on the day at our events, or get involved in our management team, we’d love to hear from you. Send us an email to leedscommunityclothesexchange@hotmail.co.uk

I’ve lost my membership card, can I still access my credits?

Yes! We keep your name on file alongside your membership number, so as long as you can remember your name, we’ll be able to find your credits.

How do you use the entrance fee?

The exchange runs on a not-for-profit basis, and all surplus goes back into the running of the exchange. The entrance fee pays for our venue hire to run the event, lunches and refreshments for our volunteer team, maintenance of equipment, consumables, promotion and volunteer social events.

Do you work with charities/local groups?

We are always looking for ways we can support local charities/groups, whether this is to use rejected items or to access our bank of charity credits. We have previously worked with Freedom for Girls, PAFRAS, Basis and Womens Health Matters. To discuss your idea with us, please email leedscommunityclothesexchange@hotmail.co.uk

If you would like to donate any credits to the charity bank, please let the volunteer know when paying your entry fee.

I want to set up a clothes exchange in my area, can you help?

As we have no paid staff, we are not able to meet with individual groups wanting to set up similar events due to time constraints, but if you would like to volunteer at one of our events and chat to us on the day about how we operate, please email us at leedscommunityclothesexchange@hotmail.co.uk

You can also download our ‘How-to’ guide here: LCCE Clothes Swapping Guide