“Livia Firth: Every time you shop, always think, ‘Will I wear this a minimum of 30 times?”

Our clothing magpie Becky talks about how she determines if something is allowed in her impressive collection of clothing.

This year on the blog we have featured attendees of the exchange that have opted not to buy new, be that for a year or longer. Personally I would find this challenge extremely hard, so I choose to use the 30 wears method. Anything new I buy, I think about what use I am going to get out of this new item. Where will it fit into my wardrobe? I also keep a list of new purchases as a way of being mindful about what i’m accumulating.

For those that follow me over on Instagram you’ll have been treated to an almost constant stream of selfies. I have been trying to document what I wear throughout the year, as we are now over halfway I thought I’d share with you were i’m up to.


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Pre Loved and Vintage

Last Sunday some of the LCCE team went to the Preloved Kilo a pay by weight Vintage and Pre-loved clothing event, there are other events available! In our previous post I discussed how with the start of the new year many people were giving up ‘New’ clothing. One way to do this is to purchase Vintage or Pre-loved items, and a great way to do this is at a buy weight event. Many of these companies go over to Europe to source their stock and bring it back to the UK, as Vintage stores here snap up all the bargains and stock for their shops.

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Will 2017 be the Year You Give Up New Clothing?


We at Leeds Community Clothes Exchange have certainly noticed an increased awareness in consumers attitudes towards Fast Fashion. There are an increasing number of our members who challenge themselves to not purchase new (excluding underwear, socks and tights) clothing for a full year. I for one take my hat off to them. I have yet to achieve a full year without purchasing a new piece of clothing. Our very own Marketing Officer Lauren, recently wrote a blog post for the Huffington Post about her experience not buying new clothing for one year. Below are some of her fantastic outfits from her Leeds Community Clothes Exchange swap finds.

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