Will 2017 be the Year You Give Up New Clothing?


We at Leeds Community Clothes Exchange have certainly noticed an increased awareness in consumers attitudes towards Fast Fashion. There are an increasing number of our members who challenge themselves to not purchase new (excluding underwear, socks and tights) clothing for a full year. I for one take my hat off to them. I have yet to achieve a full year without purchasing a new piece of clothing. Our very own Marketing Officer Lauren, recently wrote a blog post for the Huffington Post about her experience not buying new clothing for one year. Below are some of her fantastic outfits from her Leeds Community Clothes Exchange swap finds.

In fact Lauren is a fantastic example of another trend within the sustainable fashion world, which is that if you already have it, why not wear it? Livia Firth of Ecoage and the Green Carpet Challenge stalwart, has promoted the idea that we should wear our clothing over and over again!  Below Lauren is sporting a fantastic Sparkle jumper from LCCE with her beautiful collection of acrylic jewelry, its been featured on her Instagram 8 times already!

I myself find the #30wears challenge a lot easier, each year I have consciously tried to purchase less and less new clothing. When I do purchase something new I think carefully about whether I will wear it and what do I have that its going to go with. This way I avoid having new clothing with the labels still on, hanging around in my wardrobe. Last year I bought a faux leather jacket, I have not taken it off since…. I wear it two to three times a week every week. Along with my LCCE finds, of course.

Will this be the year that you give up High Street Fast Fashion? Will you buy only second hand, local or not at all for a year? Will you manage to wear only what you already have? Can you buy less and choose well, a la Dame Westwood? We’d love to see the looks you create, share them with us using #myLCCE!


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