“Livia Firth: Every time you shop, always think, ‘Will I wear this a minimum of 30 times?”

Our clothing magpie Becky talks about how she determines if something is allowed in her impressive collection of clothing.

This year on the blog we have featured attendees of the exchange that have opted not to buy new, be that for a year or longer. Personally I would find this challenge extremely hard, so I choose to use the 30 wears method. Anything new I buy, I think about what use I am going to get out of this new item. Where will it fit into my wardrobe? I also keep a list of new purchases as a way of being mindful about what i’m accumulating.

For those that follow me over on Instagram you’ll have been treated to an almost constant stream of selfies. I have been trying to document what I wear throughout the year, as we are now over halfway I thought I’d share with you were i’m up to.


I wear Jeans a lot. Black ones in particular, namely these two pairs pictured above. The left hand pair are high wasted and were bought in 2012 from h&m, the right hand pair were from Topshop in 2013. Both have been redyed and one pair has under gone extensive repair, up the inside seam.


Jackets are an essential part of anyone’s wardrobe. I bought this imitation leather jacket in 2016, and I must wear it 3 – 4 times a week. The Adidas jacket was bought this year at a kilo vintage sale. By the end of the year I’m pretty confident that I will have worn both of these 30 times!

This cardigan is a clothes exchange find, its warm and cosy with the essential pockets. It also goes with virtually everything in my wardrobe, a great layering item which means it gets worn a lot!!

When reviewing what i’d worn for six months, there is a few surprise items. That have cropped up, like this vintage white pleated skirt. I bought this in 2014 and despite the fact that its white, is actually really wearable.

This method of recording what I’m wearing has helped me to clear out items that go unworn. I also go back through pictures of what I’m wearing to help inspire what I’m going to wear next, shopping my existing wardrobe! I’m looking forward to seeing what I’ve worn the most at the end of this year!

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